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Non-stick BBQ Grill Mats

Non-stick BBQ Grill Mats

Non-stick BBQ Grill Mats

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BBQing doesn't have to be a mess!

These reusable and easy to clean BBQ grill mats keep your grills clean from sticky greases and prevent foods from falling through the grates. No more flare-ups too!


Non-stick and safe for all kinds of food!

Made from premium materials, these BBQ grill mats are FDA-approved and PTFE fiberglass coated.


Super easy to clean!

Dishwasher safe (top rack) and hand washable with soap and warm water.


Suitable for any type of grills!

Use these BBQ grill mats on your charcoal, pellet, gas, propane, electric, and other grills. You can even use it for baking mats!

Keep the grill marks and flavors intact!

You will still get those marvelous grill marks and keep all the seasonings and flavors intact!


Other features:

🔷 Long lifespan, can be reused more than 100 times
🔷 Heat resistant up to 500°F (260°C)
🔷 Easy to store (flat or rolled, don't fold)


☑️ Place the mat(s) on the grill surface
☑️ Place the food directly on the mat
☑️ Follow your grill's cooking instructions
☑️ Use multiple mats side by side for larger grills
❌ Do not place directly over open flame or heat source
❌ Do not fold or cut the mat
❌ Do not place sharp metal objects or utensils to avoid scratching the mat

Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: ~0.11lbs (~50g)
  • Material: PTFE fiberglass coated fabric
  • Quantity: Set of 2pcs / 3pcs / 6pcs
  • Dimensions: 15.75" x 13" x 0.01" (40cm x 33cm x 0.2mm)

Note: the dimensions and weight were measured manually, there might be slight errors on the actual product.

Shipping & Delivery:

  • USA/UK/CA: 6-18 days
  • AU/NZ: 8-22 days
  • International: 12-28 days

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